Mobile application for loaders
The mobile application for performers is part of the ShustrikoffCRM software system that we have developed to automate the transport company. The application simplifies the control of performers: the dispatcher can see the location and workload of each.
Made in 2018
To develop an Android application that will connect operators and performers. To display a list of current requests with detailed information on each of them in the application. To add a display of balance and create an opportunity to recharge it in case of going down. The information from the personal accounts of performers should be duplicated in the web application of the system.


We have already solved the problem of efficient distribution of requests among the performers in the web interface. The task of the mobile application is to make sure that drivers and loaders receive prompt notifications about the assigned requests. 

Before the CRM system was implemented, operators could not track the location and occupancy of performers.


Requests are generated and distributed in the web application.

The performer opens the application and sees the current list of requests assigned to him/her, as well as the latest notifications from the dispatcher.

By clicking on the request, an employee can see detailed information: type of service, exact address, time of arrival, duration of work and additional comments. To start work by request, an employee presses the large blue In Progress button.

The mobile application has a special timer that monitors the duration of work. Based on the received data, it calculates the money that the performer will receive as well as the total cost of work for the customer. 

When the work is finished, the performer presses the Finished button. Information about the start and finish time is sent to the web part and is available for viewing in the dispatcher and administrator accounts.

If the company receives payment from the customer by bank transfer, it must pay the wage to the employee; if the customer paid the service in cash to one of the employees, that employee must pay the company less his/her wage. 

An employee can always track their current balance in the mobile application and recharge it via bank card if necessary.


The performer no longer has to record the requests in a notebook and remember the information about them, because all data is now available in his/her smartphone. The employee always knows how much he/she will get for a particular activity. 

The application allows the dispatcher to promptly contact the employee, track the time of beginning and end of work, as well as to get an automatic calculation of the total cost of services, taking into account actual labour costs.

Customer review

Azat Gafiyatullin
Director of SHUSTRIKOFF Delivery Service LLC
«I would like to thank all the employees of IT Brick and head Adel for many years of productive work. You always pay attention and keep your finger on the pulse of the project. The software has accelerated the work and freed up a lot of time of routine tasks. The work has become more convenient. There are clear control and accounting levers now.»
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