ShustrikoffCRM, freight management software
ShustrikoffCRM is software system that effectively automates the operations of a transport company.
Made in 2018
To automate business processes of the company, transferring them to the web application. To provide a convenient creation and distribution of requests, automatic calculation of the service cost depending on the selected parameters, work schedule of employees and payroll, convenient control over the performance of employees.


The customer came to us with three acute business problems at once: 

  1. Heavy time spent working with requests. The customers were recorded in Excel, and the cost of the request was calculated manually.
  2. Difficulties with personnel training. New employees had to be trained to calculate requests for a long time.
  3. Ineffective distribution of personnel hours. There were difficulties in the proper appointment of performers due to a lack of understanding of their employment status.

The customer came to our office with a bunch of printed tables. All of them had different formats and a lot of data and were connected to each other by complicated links and formulas. Trying to figure out what it is for and why it works like this caused a frustration even for the customer.

We have done a lot of analytics, brought tables to the same type to simplify the work logic, provided exact formulas for each calculated value. During this process, the Customer admitted that some data are indeed calculated in a too complicated way and adjusted its business processes.

Adel Yamashev,
Director General


We have developed a software system consisting of a convenient web application for company personnel and a mobile application for performers. The functions of the web application are designed to solve all the key problems of the customer:

  • dispatcher account for receiving and processing orders;
  • accountant account for calculating wages and cash;
  • administrator account for monitoring all processes.

Dispatcher Account

The dispatcher account displays the requests of all customers, where you can change them and form new ones. They are easily recognisable by their status, and there are special filters for quick finding the right one.

freight management software

Dispatcher receives a call from a customer and forms a request in the system, indicating all the parameters of the order.

freight management software

You can specify several addresses, change their sequence, and the program will set the route and determine the exact distances.

Now it is necessary to fix the names of services, preferred time of execution and deadlines required by the customer. After the dispatcher selects a service type, the freight management system will display the required set of fields.

The software automatically calculates the cost, considering all the parameters of the request: the specified distances, type of service, availability of valid promotions, type of deposit, etc. The request is visible on one screen, so there is no need to scroll anything and open additional tabs. This significantly simplifies the work of the dispatcher.

To quickly change the information in the request, just click on the corresponding part in the right part of the request.

Each new request is marked as Accepted by default. Then you should find and select performers for it.

By clicking on the Assign an Employee button, you can load a list of all currently available performers who have the required qualification level and the appropriate rating.

The system takes into account the location of employees, the time it takes them to get there and the absence of an active request at the time the current one is formed.

If necessary, you can write to the selected employee in the same application, call the specified phone number, as well as delete and assign another employee. The dispatcher can also monitor, whether the performer has read the sent message.

As soon as the dispatcher selects all the employees, the request will be distributed. After that, you can specify the start time and completion date of the work.

These parameters are automatically loaded from the mobile application of performers but can also be marked manually if desired. As soon as all the employees have completed their work, the request will acquire the Completed status.

Accountant Account

The accountant account shows all the wages paid to the employees. Here you can also specify other facts of depositing or issuing. The wage of an employee is calculated for each completed request.

The HR specialist sees the Performers Database, a table indicating the number of hours they work. You can click on a separate day from the employee’s schedule to indicate a day off, sick leave or an unscheduled holiday.

freight management software

Administrator Account

Administrator account has all the functions we have reviewed + making changes to the reference books. They denote the cost of an hour and a kilometer both for the customer and for the employee, as well as various surcharges, for example, for night time work.  Here the minimum terms, scope or cost of services are also specified. 

Here you can also mark the places and areas for which the surcharges apply.

Customer review

Azat Gafiyatullin
Director of SHUSTRIKOFF Delivery Service LLC
«I would like to thank all the employees of IT Brick and head Adel for many years of productive work. You always pay attention and keep your finger on the pulse of the project. The software has accelerated the work and freed up a lot of time of routine tasks. The work has become more convenient. There are clear control and accounting levers now.»
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