Online service for birth chart and calculation
Astroprocessor Maya software, which constructs an individual astrodesign chart by date, time and place of birth.
Made in 2019
To develop an online service with which the user can build a birth map and BodyGraph on one plane. These two charts are combined in Astrological Design and used to build an individual horoscope. The distinction of the service from similar ones is that two charts are superimposed on each other and are displayed simultaneously.


The problem was that we don’t understand anything about Astrological Design. So when we solved one question, we got 10 new ones.

We found out: we need the date and time of birth, as well as the coordinates of the birthplace in order to build a birth chart and BodyGraph. Based on these data, we determine the position of the planets at the specified date and time at the selected point and place them in a certain way on the chart. Find connections between the planets, complete the chart and fill in the tables.

Does it become clearer? Not really. 

We have moved to the solution of the problem with a firm intention to understand these space charts.


The circle on which the charts are built represents the dome of the sky. It is necessary to place the planets on it in the position they were on the given day and time, if you look from the point of birth of a person.

Attention: the text is difficult to understand! You don’t have to read it, just take for granted that programming is magic.

Determine the coordinates of the birthplace, time zone and calculate the time of birth of a person at Greenwich. Thanks to Swiss ephemerides (tables of planetary positions for each day of 19-24 centuries), we get the location of the necessary planet at GMT midnight for the specified date, determine the speed of the planet. Calculate the path that the planet went from midnight to the time of human birth (at GMT). Add the last result to the planetary position at the beginning of the birthday and voila — we get the coordinates we need!

Place the planets on a circle, calculate the coordinates of missing and imaginary planets: for example, we have data for the North lunar node, but not for the South one. We know that the angle between them is 180°, which is enough to place the Southern lunar node on the chart.

Using this data, we build a Birth Chart, a Transit Chart and a BodyGraph Chart.

Birth Chart
BodyGraph Chart

Software interface

You can build a personal chart for free: you only need to enter your birth data.

But the possibilities of free and paid modes are different.

If used free of charge, you cannot build a Birth Chart, a Transit Chart and a BodyGraph Chart at the same time.

You can also save the charts in the paid mode. This is convenient if an astrologer often makes horoscopes for the same customers.

Service Administrator Account options

The Administrator Account maintains a database of all users with information about the connected mode, the end date of the paid mode and the applied promotional code (if any).

The Administrator can generate a promotional discount code.

Add and edit blog articles. Control access to the article.

Customer review

Viktor Andreyev
Founder of Astrodesign School
«Progressive attitude and the ability to penetrate into the essence of what and in what way the customer wants. This is probably one of the most important things for me. The ability to do everything quickly, in due time and with proper quality. The ability to do a little better + to offer their solutions, which turn out to be even more interesting than what I created myself. The well-coordinated teamwork is what you feel at once. Anyway, I like working with you, and I want to continue with you :)»
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