Mobile CRM system for cleaning
SimpleFSM is a mobile application designed to automate the operations of a cleaning company. It provides opportunities for effective planning and management of enterprise resources. The application is designed for a USA customer.
Made in 2018
To develop a mobile CRM-system for the cleaning service, which automates the reception and maintenance of requests until their completion. The application should implement the functions of the ERP system to monitor and plan the working hours of employees. To create three user categories: Administrator, Manager and Technician.


Prior to contacting us, new requests were recorded on paper and/or Excel tables, and the manager had to think over a schedule of the performers’ working day. They needed a tool for creating and tracking the requests schedule, which automatically calculates the best routes, shows customer data and manager comments.

An important point was mobility: we should have provided employees with constant access to the tool. This is how the mobile CRM for SimpleFSM cleaning company was developed.


Mobile CRM system for cleaning: login

Administrator or Manager enters new requests into the system, assigns them to employees and sets the working schedule. He/she also sees the workload of each employee on a certain day, his/her requests on the map and the planned route.

The CRM system itself generates the daily schedule of the employee based on the assigned requests, sets their sequence and builds the optimal route on the map. 

Mobile CRM system for cleaning
Mobile CRM system for cleaning
Mobile CRM system for cleaning

Tasks are displayed on a 12-hour or 24-hour pie chart (depending on the selected settings); it is visually clear which hours the performer is busy and when he/she is free.

Each customer is marked on the chart with a specific color. The closed sector corresponds to the period that the performer will spend on the execution of the request.  The colored line under the sector with the task shows the free time of the customer. A technician sees the same chart in his/her application, but with only his/her tasks displayed. 

Administrators can also access the web part of the system designed to work with a computer. Web interface enables to work with SimpleFSM users, add new customers and manage their licenses – access to mobile application. 

CRM system for cleaning

We have also developed a licensing system for more detailed acquaintance with the system.

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