Aquazone, service booking mobile app
We have developed convenient mobile applications for quick access to Aquazone service, the functions of which complement the web interface.
Made in 2016
To develop Android and iOS applications to attract smartphone and tablet users. To provide the same features as the web part of Aquazone.


Any online service becomes more popular when it has a convenient mobile version. The best option is a mobile application, which is available always and everywhere and requires minimal actions to receive the service.

It is necessary to consider the peculiarities of different mobile devices and develop an adaptive interface, which is understandable and convenient to work with.  

The users always have their smartphones on hand, unlike computers or laptops. This allows you to track its location and offer the best options for booking. The user will also be able to search for baths and saunas on the map by himself.

Service booking mobile app


The mobile application repeats the functions of the web interface: the user can select offers from a list by applying filters and specifying their wishes. 

Service booking mobile app

Each category is highlighted with its own color, which helps the user to navigate through the application.

The user can also search for water facilities on a map in the mobile application. Clicking on the facility will show information about the company.

Service booking mobile app

After choosing baths or sauna, you can read the full information about the services, see the reviews and schedule, make a booking.

You can also view promotions, save interesting options to your favorites and track your booking history.

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