Custom web and mobile application development
Mobile CRM system for cleaning


Prior to contacting us, new requests were recorded on paper and/or Excel tables, and the manager had to think over a schedule of the performers’ working day. They needed a tool for creating and tracking the requests schedule, which automatically calculates the best routes, shows customer data and manager comments.

An important point was mobility: we should have provided employees with constant access to the tool. This is how the mobile CRM for SimpleFSM cleaning company was developed.


Mobile CRM system for cleaning: login

Administrator or Manager enters new requests into the system, assigns them to employees and sets the working schedule. He/she also sees the workload of each employee on a certain day, his/her requests on the map and the planned route.

The CRM system itself generates the daily schedule of the employee based on the assigned requests, sets their sequence and builds the optimal route on the map. 

Mobile CRM system for cleaning
Mobile CRM system for cleaning
Mobile CRM system for cleaning

Tasks are displayed on a 12-hour or 24-hour pie chart (depending on the selected settings); it is visually clear which hours the performer is busy and when he/she is free.

Each customer is marked on the chart with a specific color. The closed sector corresponds to the period that the performer will spend on the execution of the request.  The colored line under the sector with the task shows the free time of the customer. A technician sees the same chart in his/her application, but with only his/her tasks displayed. 

Administrators can also access the web part of the system designed to work with a computer. Web interface enables to work with SimpleFSM users, add new customers and manage their licenses – access to mobile application. 

CRM system for cleaning

We have also developed a licensing system for more detailed acquaintance with the system.

Landing page

ShustrikoffCRM, freight management software


The customer came to us with three acute business problems at once: 

  1. Heavy time spent working with requests. The customers were recorded in Excel, and the cost of the request was calculated manually.
  2. Difficulties with personnel training. New employees had to be trained to calculate requests for a long time.
  3. Ineffective distribution of personnel hours. There were difficulties in the proper appointment of performers due to a lack of understanding of their employment status.

The customer came to our office with a bunch of printed tables. All of them had different formats and a lot of data and were connected to each other by complicated links and formulas. Trying to figure out what it is for and why it works like this caused a frustration even for the customer.

We have done a lot of analytics, brought tables to the same type to simplify the work logic, provided exact formulas for each calculated value. During this process, the Customer admitted that some data are indeed calculated in a too complicated way and adjusted its business processes.

Adel Yamashev,
Director General


We have developed a software system consisting of a convenient web application for company personnel and a mobile application for performers. The functions of the web application are designed to solve all the key problems of the customer:

  • dispatcher account for receiving and processing orders;
  • accountant account for calculating wages and cash;
  • administrator account for monitoring all processes.

Dispatcher Account

The dispatcher account displays the requests of all customers, where you can change them and form new ones. They are easily recognisable by their status, and there are special filters for quick finding the right one.

freight management software

Dispatcher receives a call from a customer and forms a request in the system, indicating all the parameters of the order.

freight management software

You can specify several addresses, change their sequence, and the program will set the route and determine the exact distances.

Now it is necessary to fix the names of services, preferred time of execution and deadlines required by the customer. After the dispatcher selects a service type, the freight management system will display the required set of fields.

The software automatically calculates the cost, considering all the parameters of the request: the specified distances, type of service, availability of valid promotions, type of deposit, etc. The request is visible on one screen, so there is no need to scroll anything and open additional tabs. This significantly simplifies the work of the dispatcher.

To quickly change the information in the request, just click on the corresponding part in the right part of the request.

Each new request is marked as Accepted by default. Then you should find and select performers for it.

By clicking on the Assign an Employee button, you can load a list of all currently available performers who have the required qualification level and the appropriate rating.

The system takes into account the location of employees, the time it takes them to get there and the absence of an active request at the time the current one is formed.

If necessary, you can write to the selected employee in the same application, call the specified phone number, as well as delete and assign another employee. The dispatcher can also monitor, whether the performer has read the sent message.

As soon as the dispatcher selects all the employees, the request will be distributed. After that, you can specify the start time and completion date of the work.

These parameters are automatically loaded from the mobile application of performers but can also be marked manually if desired. As soon as all the employees have completed their work, the request will acquire the Completed status.

Accountant Account

The accountant account shows all the wages paid to the employees. Here you can also specify other facts of depositing or issuing. The wage of an employee is calculated for each completed request.

The HR specialist sees the Performers Database, a table indicating the number of hours they work. You can click on a separate day from the employee’s schedule to indicate a day off, sick leave or an unscheduled holiday.

freight management software

Administrator Account

Administrator account has all the functions we have reviewed + making changes to the reference books. They denote the cost of an hour and a kilometer both for the customer and for the employee, as well as various surcharges, for example, for night time work.  Here the minimum terms, scope or cost of services are also specified. 

Here you can also mark the places and areas for which the surcharges apply.

iCherga, car wash service booking mobile app


We have already made a similar mobile app for car washing booking service, AvtomoikiRU. Therefore, the creation of iCherga service did not cause any problems. The only thing AvtomoikiRU was designed five years ago, so we worked through the UX and design issues once again.

Customer applications are part of the software system, which also implements the Company Accounts and Service Administrator Account.


All city car washes are marked on the map. The car washes available for online booking are marked with blue. The user can filter them by rating, type, category, services and remoteness — for each parameter separately or all together.  

The user can also use the quick-booking button: enter the date and time to which he wants to sign up and the radius of search. The application will pick up the appropriate options, so all you have to do is book.

You can switch to list displaying: app shows information about rating, working hours, address and price level of every car wash.

In order to sign up for a car wash, you need to select the date, time and services. If you enable the Remember Selected Services checkbox, the next time you sign up for this car wash the application will automatically select the same set. It is useful, because customers usually use the same services.

Booking history is saved. You can cancel your request or route if it is an active record or leave a review of the services received.

The application notifies the user about service news and special offers and discounts for car washes.

User Account:

Aquazone, online booking software


The customer drew attention to the fact that there is no convenient system for comparison and online booking of urban water facilities. 

Baths, saunas and other similar entities do not always have their own website. If so, it is mainly a one-page site, where there is little information and no opportunity to sign up for the service via the Internet. Online booking is a convenient and modern tool, which everyone is used to. It’s easier and faster than calling and clarifying information over the phone. Especially if you want to compare several offers. 

The customer has decided to solve this problem by creating its own online booking service, where facilities will place their offers and information. The user can quickly compare options, make a choice and book with the phone or computer. 

The service will be a convenient solution for companies as well, because they will have their own page, which will replace the full website. It will gather their target audience, users interested in their services. The company will get an effective tool for working with requests.

The customer plans to get profit from the service. That is why paid modes will be provided, which will give more opportunities for companies to attract customers.


We have developed a software system that consists of a web part for users, company and administrator accounts, as well as mobile applications that complement the web interface.

The service is available in different cities, so the first time you visit the site you choose the location. 

The main page of the service has numerous filters that allow you to choose the best option based on your wishes. You can see the rating and preferred opening hours of the facility, add your favorite options to your bookmarks. Companies that have purchased a paid mode are highlighted.

There are 2 display options available.

The facility page has full information about the company: detailed description, photos, current promotions, opening hours and contacts.

If the company is a network of baths or saunas, it is highlighted in red, and all its spots are displayed as a carousel (photo below).

Here you can also make a booking for the desired time.

You can see all special offers from water facilities on Discounts and Promotions page.

All requests are saved in the booking history.

We have developed a mobile version that provides convenient access to the service at any time and place.

Aquazone, service booking mobile app


It is necessary to consider the peculiarities of different mobile devices and develop an adaptive interface, which is understandable and convenient to work with.  

The users always have their smartphone on hand, unlike computers or laptops. This allows you to track its location and offer the best options for booking. The user will also be able to search for baths and saunas on the map by himself/herself.

Service booking mobile app


The mobile application repeats the functions of the web interface: the user can select offers from a list by applying filters and specifying his/her wishes. 

Service booking mobile app

Each category is highlighted with its own color, which helps the user to navigate through the application.

The user can also search for water facilities on a map in the mobile application. Clicking on the facility will show information about the company.

Service booking mobile app

After choosing baths or sauna, you can read the full information about the services, see the reviews and schedule, make a booking.

You can also view promotions, save interesting options to your favorites and track your booking history.

Online service for birth chart and calculation


The problem was that we don’t understand anything about Astrological Design. So when we solved one question, we got 10 new ones.

We found out: we need the date and time of birth, as well as the coordinates of the birthplace in order to build a birth chart and BodyGraph. Based on these data, we determine the position of the planets at the specified date and time at the selected point and place them in a certain way on the chart. Find connections between the planets, complete the chart and fill in the tables.

Does it become clearer? Not really. 

We have moved to the solution of the problem with a firm intention to understand these space charts.


The circle on which the charts are built represents the dome of the sky. It is necessary to place the planets on it in the position they were on the given day and time, if you look from the point of birth of a person.

Attention: the text is difficult to understand! You don’t have to read it, just take for granted that programming is magic.

Determine the coordinates of the birthplace, time zone and calculate the time of birth of a person at Greenwich. Thanks to Swiss ephemerides (tables of planetary positions for each day of 19-24 centuries), we get the location of the necessary planet at GMT midnight for the specified date, determine the speed of the planet. Calculate the path that the planet went from midnight to the time of human birth (at GMT). Add the last result to the planetary position at the beginning of the birthday and voila — we get the coordinates we need!

Place the planets on a circle, calculate the coordinates of missing and imaginary planets: for example, we have data for the North lunar node, but not for the South one. We know that the angle between them is 180°, which is enough to place the Southern lunar node on the chart.

Using this data, we build a Birth Chart, a Transit Chart and a BodyGraph Chart.

Birth Chart
BodyGraph Chart

Software interface

You can build a personal chart for free: you only need to enter your birth data.

But the possibilities of free and paid modes are different.

If used free of charge, you cannot build a Birth Chart, a Transit Chart and a BodyGraph Chart at the same time.

You can also save the charts in the paid mode. This is convenient if an astrologer often makes horoscopes for the same customers.

Service Administrator Account options

The Administrator Account maintains a database of all users with information about the connected mode, the end date of the paid mode and the applied promotional code (if any).

The Administrator can generate a promotional discount code.

Add and edit blog articles. Control access to the article.

Recipe app


The application is designed for 2 types of users:

  • those who drink smoothies to achieve a certain goal (lose weight, cleanse the body);
  • those who want to make smoothies with the ingredients at hand.

The development should take into account the needs of both.

Another feature is that the application must be multi-lingual, i.e. the user chooses which language he/she wants to read the content in. First we have to introduce the Russian and English languages, later we will add others.

The first stage is task analysis and layout design.

We chose a juicy green colour, which is associated with health, freshness and conveys the app message perfectly. Two versions of the logo were made: in Russian and in English. The app design was adopted at the first attempt without any improvements.


We have categorized recipes for easy navigation for those who came to the app to lose weight or improve their health. The menu also includes Special Programs — instructions for reaching your goal. The list shows the recipe energy and cooking time in addition to the category, which is very convenient!

And if you want to make smoothies with what’s in my fridge, use the ingredient search.

The user starts typing the name and sees a pop-up hint with possible options. As a result, the app shows the recipes that contain the entered ingredients.

And this is what the recipe looks like. You can see at once what products you need. The step-by-step instruction makes it very easy to prepare smoothies.

Administrator Account

The administrator creates categories, adds ingredients and fills in information about special programs in the app web part.

Content is filled in Russian and English. It will be easy to add a language in the future: a new tab for filling in will appear.

The page for creating a new recipe is simple and self-explanatory. 

The administrator can create notifications and select a list of users to send out: all registered or specific users, separate those who use Russian or English version.

CRM for a flower shop


We were approached by the head of the flower shop. He could not find a convenient CRM for a flower shop because of the business nature and established processes. The absence of the software made it difficult to keep records: employees mixed up and often lost the requests.

It was decided to develop their own CRM, which will adapt to the company activity and automate business processes.


Main page

The start page is the main screen of employees’ work. Here they see all requests for today distributed on the calendar by delivery time; the status is shown by an icon.

The company has shops in two cities, so the administrator can switch between them in the header. Ordinary employees see only their shop data.

You can see the list of requests for other dates, filter it by status, delivery method or the person who is currently working on the request.

There is an extended search.

Calendar has 2 display options. If you choose the List option, you can upload all or some requests to a PDF or Excel file. You can also print the stickers for the selected requests with a single click.

Sticker is a label with basic information about delivery, which is attached to the bouquet. It can be printed on standard (A4) paper or on till roll.

The key shop indicators are displayed above the list of requests: planned and actual daily income and losses.

The chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen is Multichat service, which collects customer requests from different sources: social media, website and Mango Office incoming calls. The functions of Multichat are described separately.


The New Request button is attached to the header to quickly go to the creation of an order from any screen of the software.

The request contains the date and time of delivery, information about the bouquet and additional services. The software determines by phone number what the customer has ordered before and substitutes his/her data: name, delivery address, order history.

The employee enters the details of the amount, prepayment and/or discount.

The created request is transferred from the employee to the floral designer for making a bouquet, then for quality control and courier; the status indicates the current state of the order.

Order movements can also be tracked in the History of Changes: date, time, status and author of the change are indicated.


The software shows the total number of customers and how many have been added today. You can go from the Customers page to viewing and editing data of a certain customer.

All addresses to which the customer placed orders are saved in his/her card along with the contacts of the person who received the bouquet. When placing a new order, you can select the desired address from the list or add a new one. The card also contains the history of orders, information about personal discount and deposit of the customer, as well as the history of correspondence from all sources.

Shop employee can use an icon to indicate his/her impressions of the customer 🙂


The administrator has many additional features: reports and summaries.

For example, the Calendar page displays the revenue for each day of the month, broken down by delivery method.

You can set the work schedule of your employees in the Schedule section, so you can immediately see who is on shift today.

Data are collected and analyzed in the Reports section. For example, the number of days and hours worked by employees is displayed; the salary is calculated on this basis.

Data on orders received and executed per day and their sources are also available, as well as purchase statistics where you can filter customers by age or period of the order.


The Management tab provides access to additional summaries for business managers.

Here you can enter information about the planned expenses of the company.

It shows the actual expenses by categories and method of payment.

Expenditure limits are set, and a reference book of categories is maintained.

The Revenue page is similar to the Calendar for the administrator, but the amount of revenue is divided by the method of payment.

The Reference Book section contains the list of employees, their logins and passwords, and the internal Mango numbers. 


We have studied and automated existing business processes and features of the company. 

The result was CRM for a flower shop, which allows the company to perform all activities in one software, simplifies the tasks of employees, brings clarity, transparency and controllability in the shop.

The manager can effectively plan and see the results of work thanks to reports on employees, customers, sources of requests, data on expenses and revenue of the company.

Flower PSD создан(а) freepik –

Mobile applications for ViCard startup


When working on a startup, one has to face certain problems. The core is the ever-changing requirements.  

There is an idea and a final goal to which we strive, but new ideas and improvements may emerge along the way from A to B. They need to be quickly analyzed, considered and integrated into the work plan. 

Our team worked closely with the Customer: we offered our take, thought over implementation options, discussed the benefits of the service for users and benefits for business.


It is no secret that business card exchange apps already exist. ViCard needs to offer its users something new to be in demand. This “trick” is NFC data exchange.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range (up to 10 cm) high-frequency wireless technology that allows contactless data exchange between devices at small distances.

You meet NFC when you pay with a card or smartphone. It’s actually a standard data transfer. The customer thought, “If we can transfer payment information, why not transfer the contact information?”

That’s what we did!


Analysts have determined that the use of the selected data transfer technology is possible but limited by certain conditions: iOS devices can receive data over NFC, but cannot share it. Having this information in mind, we have corrected the introductory task by adding alternative transmission methods. We decided to do NFC only for Android devices for now.

Mobile applications for startup


Immediately after registration you can receive other people’s business cards, they are stored in the Business Card Holder.

The design of the virtual business card repeats the appearance of real paper: a rectangular block with minimal personal information.

Advanced search helps you quickly find contact by business area, business card date or added tags.

Let’s imagine that you are visiting the event today. A large number of acquaintances and contact exchanges are expected. You can set a specific tag for all incoming business cards on the Business Card Exchange screen, so that you can easily find them later in the overall list.

Clicking on a business card opens up full information about the person.

Creating your business card

Before you hand over the business card, you have to create it first. Only the name is mandatory, the other fields are optional. This allows you to create and transfer your card in less than 1 minute.

Design settings

You can change the look of your card to highlight it in the Business Card Holder of other users or save your corporate identity for a digital business card. The design options are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on a section opens its settings. All real-time changes apply to your business card and are displayed above.

You can change the background and text color and use sliders to change its brightness, saturation and hue.

All design settings are intuitive. Editing the business card design is currently available on iOS only.

Business card exchange

The main application screen is Business Card Exchange. Here you can send and receive business cards. All user’s business cards are displayed in a carousel. You send the one that is currently on the screen. You can swap to the right or left of the other business cards.

If both devices (which transmit and which receive the business card) support NFC, you can send the business card without touch. All you have to do is bring your smartphones to each other and “swipe” the business card up.

Done! You exchanged business cards in a couple of seconds!

There are standard ways for users whose devices do not support NFC: by reading a QR code or sending a link to add using the messengers, social media or mail available on the device (Share Business Card button).

The design of all iOS screens has been developed separately.

The app is still being developed. We plan to make the Android design functions and think of a contactless transfer option for iOS. There are improvements both in appearance and logic of work.

But you can already create digital business cards and exchange them at one touch! And the most important thing is that such business cards will not be lost, unlike paper ones.

Company account: calendar of requests and content management


Company account is one of the key elements of Aquazone service and an important part of water facility booking service. The service is planned to become a full-fledged CRM system, a powerful tool for sales and analytics. 

The facility administrator is not always a confident PC user, and it should be considered when developing an account. The web application interface should be as clear and user-friendly as possible.


The start page of the Company Account shows all current booking requests, divided by locations (if company has more than one facility). 

The system notifies the administrator about a new request with a special sound signal. Each new request appears as a pop-up window in the lower right corner and hangs there until the administrator views it. 

By clicking on the request, the administrator gets to the page with information about the request: the name and comments of the customer, date and time of booking. The phone number of the customer becomes available for viewing after the administrator approves the booking request. Unconfirmed requests are marked with an exclamation mark in the overall list of requests (on the calendar).

The administrator can send an automatically generated payment link to the customer’s phone. As soon as the company receives the required amount, a note about it will appear in the request.

The service administrator indicates the bank account of the company in the company card in order for the funds to be transferred to the account of the company. 

Administrator can fill in and edit information about the company in the Account section.

The company can choose the schedule and cost of an hour at a certain time. This data is uploaded to the customer part (of web and mobile applications) during online booking so that the user can see the current working hours and prices.

Information about discounts and offers can be placed on the Promotions page. 

There is a possibility of a paid “raise” of the promotion. This is a service that allows companies to attract more attention to their offer. 

You can see customer data in the account: the total number and number of successful requests, as well as the status of the customer, based on the history of his/her actions. 

You can view reports on requests for a day and track their dynamics. This allows you to conveniently analyze the results of your advertising and/or other marketing activities.

The Statistics page shows information about all requests for a specific period, indicating the devices in use. 

You can monitor customer feedback and respond to it in the Feedback section. 

Different rates open up different possibilities of the service.

You can find additional features of the service to attract users on the Advertising page. The system automatically monitors the fact of payment, receipt of advertising services and the process of its execution.

Company account in Aquazone system is a valuable helper for owners of water facilities.  It allows to minimize labour resources of the company, reduce time and money costs. It is not only a convenient way to work with requests but also a valuable tool for attracting new customers and tracking key performance indicators.

Mobile application for loaders


We have already solved the problem of efficient distribution of requests among the performers in the web interface. The task of the mobile application is to make sure that drivers and loaders receive prompt notifications about the assigned requests. 

Before the CRM system was implemented, operators could not track the location and occupancy of performers.


Requests are generated and distributed in the web application.

The performer opens the application and sees the current list of requests assigned to him/her, as well as the latest notifications from the dispatcher.

By clicking on the request, an employee can see detailed information: type of service, exact address, time of arrival, duration of work and additional comments. To start work by request, an employee presses the large blue In Progress button.

The mobile application has a special timer that monitors the duration of work. Based on the received data, it calculates the money that the performer will receive as well as the total cost of work for the customer. 

When the work is finished, the performer presses the Finished button. Information about the start and finish time is sent to the web part and is available for viewing in the dispatcher and administrator accounts.

If the company receives payment from the customer by bank transfer, it must pay the wage to the employee; if the customer paid the service in cash to one of the employees, that employee must pay the company less his/her wage. 

An employee can always track their current balance in the mobile application and recharge it via bank card if necessary.


The performer no longer has to record the requests in a notebook and remember the information about them, because all data is now available in his/her smartphone. The employee always knows how much he/she will get for a particular activity. 

The application allows the dispatcher to promptly contact the employee, track the time of beginning and end of work, as well as to get an automatic calculation of the total cost of services, taking into account actual labour costs.

Multichat, software for collection of requests from social media


We developed a CRM system for a flower shop, where we introduced order creation and customer registration. 

The problem is that requests can come from different sources: website requests, calls to the shop, the customer can write to WhatsApp, to VKontakte social group, to the personal page of the group administrator or in the comments and may even come to the shop in person.

The sales representative needs to constantly monitor all sources, spend time on switching between them. He/she answers for a longer time, may forget about the message or just lose it.

We added Multichat to the CRM system to solve the problem. It is a software for collecting requests from different sources in one place.


A chat icon appeared on the start page of the CRM system. The number of unread messages is displayed on this icon.

A click on the icon opens a list of all dialogs with customers, sorted by date: new ones are higher. Unread dialogs are highlighted. The icon on the left shows the source of the message. A search by customer name or contact can help you quickly find the desired dialog.

Clicking on a dialog in the list opens the conversation history.

You can quickly go from the dialog to viewing the last request of the customer or to creating a new request.

If there is no such customer in our database yet, you can add it directly from the chat or attach a new contact to an existing customer.

We have made integration with the Mango Office for receiving incoming calls. When a customer calls to the company, the operator sees the information about the incoming call in the CRM system.

The recording of the incoming call is saved in a dialog with the customer and you can listen to it.

As a result, the chat collects all information about the communication between the company representative and the customer in chronological order.

The Operator selects a messenger, social media or the account to write to the customer within the dialog.

The connected messengers and accounts are managed on the Chat Settings page and are available only to the Administrator.


Multichat software helps to collect requests from all sources of the company in one place, maintain a single customer base and common history of requests.

The operator does not need to switch between the tabs all the time. He/she reacts more quickly to customer requests and easily finds the last order. You can choose a communication method that is convenient for the customer and do not worry about losing the history.

Aquazone Administrator Account


We have created a web service Aquazone for booking baths and saunas, as well as a convenient company account.

But customers and companies may have different difficulties and requests when using the service: problem with payment, data filling, accidental removal of information and others. The service administrator needs its own web interface to solve these problems and help users. Here you can monitor payment transactions, change settings and edit data of companies if necessary. 

You need access to the analytical data of the service to monitor the quality and improve the performance of Aquazone. It also needs to be provided in the Administrator Account.


The administrator has access to a list of all water facilities. 

Administrator account

Clicking on the name will move you to the company card, where you can see and edit all the data that are filled out by the administrator of the site.

There is an Updates page to quickly track changes in companies. All the data are loaded as a table with a note about what exactly has been changed.

New companies that have registered in the service are waiting for approval from the Administrator and are displayed on the Unapproved page.

Administrator account

There is statistics of company viewings available.

The Payments page provides information about all payments for the selected period, as well as the total amount of income received.

The administrator also manages the rates and the cost of paid services.

You specify the types of data that the company will specify when registering with the service in the Reference Book section. 

This is necessary to unify the information, so that you can search for filters specifying the specific wishes of the customer in the customer part of the service (web and mobile applications).

Information about service users and their roles is also displayed in the Administrator Account. The administrator can change this information or delete a user from the service. 

Sliders on the main page of the service are managed in the Account: you can specify images (separately for web and mobile versions of the website), texts and links, which will be used when you on the slide.

The administrator can view all created requests and their statuses in the Requests section. If the company has any problem with the request, the administrator can trace the reason and solve it promptly.